\Shimane University, Matsue campus|
The Health Administration Center, with its trained personnel, serves the health needs of the students in
both mind and body.  Privacy is always maintained.  Any student or staff member is welcome to the free use of the center.

  Schedules are as follows*:
Departments Doctors in charge  Time

Consultation about body,

mind, campus life, etc.

Prof. ARAKAWA, M.D. (Ph. D)

Ass.Prof.KONO, M.D. (Ph. D)

Monday through Friday

9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Internal medicine Dr. SAKANOUE Twice a month, 2:00 p.m.-
Mental counseling Lecturer HAYASE Monday through Friday



Monday through Friday

9:00a.m.-5:30 p.m.

*The bulletin board will announce changes in the schedules.
(1) Annual medical examinations
   The dates of this annual medical examination are posted on the Centerfs board, and every student should undergo this examination. Those whose results are abnormal will be guided or advised in both medicine and daily life: for example, closer examinations, necessity for medical treatment, and restricting curriculum.  All data will be used in counseling and guidance of the studentsf future course and employment.
(2) Group medical examination
   Any group or club can use the Center for mass medical examinations after making arrangements through the Student Affairs Bureau.
(3) First aid and resting room

This Center provides for first-aid for injury and acute diseases. Those who need more prolonged medical treatment will be sent to local hospitals.
Those who have a fever or feel ill can use the Resting Room.

(4) Health consultation about body, mind, and campus life, etc.
    All kinds of health problems (  physical, mental, and health maintenance) are dealt with at this Center. A female doctor and midwife are provided to give advice regarding problems related to menstruation.
(5) Mental counseling

    Under the stress of campus life, some students are apt to have mental fatigue, sleep disturbance, stomachache, anxiety etc.  Some have individual personal distress, and some lose self-confidence.  Professional counselors are provided to help students through those difficulties.

(6) Counseling for campus life
    This center will also help students who experience difficulties with campus life.
(7) Lending of a First-aid kit
    Any groups and clubs for extracurricular activities can use a first-aid kit free of charge.